Amazing Monte Carlo Wallpapers

 Amazing Monte Carlo Wallpapers

Everyone loves the classic switcharoo story of the rich and poor kids who switched places to discover themselves. 20th century fox presents an amazing story of two girls that shared almost the same fate as the leading characters of of the prince and the pauper.accept this story has its own little twist.

Gracie has only one thing keeping her sane from all the bullying and teasing at school. The day after graduation she gets to fulfill her dream of going to Paris France. she saved up every penny she got to make her dream come true. As fate will have it, she find herself going to Paris with her best friend Emma and her step sister Meg. Some interesting turn of events along with a nasty spoiled Cordelia Winthrop Scot throne into the mixture, The three girls find themselves in a very messy yet exciting situation.

Watch how 3 polar opposite girls find themselves and change their opinion about the world, love, friendship and each other.

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